As an independent, we rely heavily on feedback and customer recommendations. You can do this through any of our social media channels, via email, or even by post. Occasionally we might even get some of you in to give us a quick video. Whichever one you choose, we thank you very much for your time in doing this.


D. Eley - Apr '18

When I first required the services of an optician I selected R****** in preference to one of the larger chains of opticians. I stayed with that practice when it became part of L******** & T*****; but when their customers were taken on by V***** E****** I wanted to return to a small chain or independent optician and selected John Flynn.

The experience at John Flynn is more thorough than that provided at R****** / L******** & T*****, and their is a greater use of specialist equipment.

The guidance to select the most appropriate lenses is very much appreciated, and the choice of frames is more than adequate for my needs.



D. Smith - Apr '18

I have used John Flynn Opticians for many years since I moved to Nottingham. My new lenses with the better peripheral vision are great and worth the additional expense. Always helpful and pleasant staff.



A F Norton

I have been going to John A F Flynn for my eyesight care for years. Over this time I've had numerous eye tests and contact lens checks with them and purchased glasses, contact lenses and other bits and bobs. The team are absolutely lovely. They always have a smile and friendly conversation to share :) If ever I've had worries about my sight they've put me at ease and answered all my questions with care and patience (thank you!) I've tried some other chain opticians and thought the service was nowhere near as personable. (I had an eye test at spec-savers, following which I purchased contact lenses in the prescription they'd given me and had headaches/nausea due to it being too strong... I went straight back to John Flynns!)

If I ever feel like my prescription has changed or when I've had uncomfortable contact lenses, John Flynn's have been kind enough to offer me trial packets of contacts and trial bottles of contact lens solution etc. to make sure I have the right products that suit me. The emphasis is on my sight as an individual, and not what suits "most people".

I'd recommend going to John Flynns if you're after friendly, personal service from people whose top priority is you and your eye care :)

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