Acclaimed designer Philippe Starck teamed up with his good friend, eyewear designer and fellow innovator Alain Mikli in 1996 to launch a new eyewear brand under the name of Starck Eyes. The frames of the Starck eyeglasses collection are innovative, revolutionary and totally unconventional, for men and women who are confident, intellectual and want their eyewear to reflect the same. Sporting a pair of Starck PL1014M eyeglasses says a lot about its wearer and how he’s a fan of modern design and appreciates technology and how it can improve day-to-day life.

Starck frames can bend and flex easier than most of standard designer frames. The spectacles are inspired by what Philippe Starck defines as bionism, which means “taking inspiration from what is organic in order to create technologies better suited to the human being”. The Stack Biocity glasses feature a screw-less biolink hinge: a Starck patent inspired by the joints of the human body and their multi-dimensional freedom. These hinges on the arms have been designed in a specific way so that the glasses can mimic the human body. In and out, up or down, the arms of the Starck frames are super flexible, practically allowing the frames to mould to the wearer’s face and the medical stainless steel guarantees exceptional comfort and longevity to the products.

The no-logo design of the frames adds to the exclusivity of the frames and gives a strongly masculine character to the glasses as it emphasizes function and innovation instead of showing off brand logos. The materials used to craft the eyewear have a smooth surface finish which complements the overall look of these flattering full rim glasses. If you are someone who loves ethical goods that also look good as well as function well, then you will fall in love with this brand and their eyewear. All the frames are made from cellulose-acetate, which is a premium plastic derived from processed wood pulp. Its great properties such as high transparency, stranght and deep gloss finish makes it a perfect material for eyewear.

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