Ad Lib

“AD LIB” is a term derived from the Latin word, “Ad libitum”, which means “be free” or “as you like.”  Nowadays, “AD LIB” is widely used in the music industry, meaning improvisation or free performance.

Ad Lib - stylish, trendy and original; a collection for lifestyle-oriented urban women and men who want to express their personality and enjoy being fashionable. The youngest CHARMANT brand, the styles feature the very latest colors and forms inspired by the defining trends in fashion, technology, sport, and pop culture. Distinctive details make every Ad Lib a key piece of personal style and individual truth. Ad Lib flaunts above average flexibility, durability and wearing comfort.


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Far from standardised fashion conformist trends, the Alium collection from the FACE A FACE range asserts its artistic temperament, drawing its inspiration from the sources of modern art, architecture and contemporary design. The frames express themselves through a unique colour range, which is a true FACE A FACE trademark.


Charmant Titanium Perfection is the flagship eyewear collection carrying the name and sharing the development and history of Charmant Group, the number one manufacturer and supplier of titanium eyewear in the world.

Charmant Titanium Perfection embodies the pinnacle of top-quality eyewear. This premium Charmant brand features light and comfortable men's and women's frames made of the finest titanium materials. A winning combination of fashionable designs and functional excellence has made Charmant Titanium Perfection the number one brand within the Charmant Group. Proven, distinguished and cultured, Charmant Titanium Perfection eyewear appeals to connoisseurs of quality and elegance. The high-tech, contemporary frames inspire long-lasting loyalty in wearers with its rare fusion of superb craftsmanship and comfort, with eye-catching, modern styling.


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Cocoa Mint

Cocoa Mint is utterly desirable with a choice of stunning designs that are beautifully balanced and pure in style. Cocoa Mint cleverly bridges the gap between the young trendsetter and fashionable progressive lens wearer.


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The glasses and sunglasses range from Elle comes with an air of sophistication, originality and high fashion pedigree you would expect from the brand behind the world's biggest selling fashion magazine. 

The classic 'geek chic' look is epitomised in this brand's latest collection. Many of the frames are embellished with Elle's distinctive branding - such as the Elle logo in metal, rivets and cutaways - to be found either on the the temples and/or on the arm of the frames.

Creating an individual touch with tones of wit and confidence, this on trend label lends a unique flavour to any look.

Each pair of Elle glasses is supplied with a protective glasses case to help keep your frames in tip top condition.


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Esprit is an international Lifestyle brand with a relaxed Californian attitude. Esprit’s spirit and values are strongly connected to its foundation in the California of the late 60s. Esprit represents the sunny Californian Lifestyle: fun, friendship, love of life. This heritage together with the latest fashion trends leads to authentic, inspirational and stylish products created with passion and attention to detail.

The Esprit Eyewear consumers are confident, positive and open minded. They are fashion conscious but always true to their own style. Therefore they are looking for eyewear which makes them look good, matches their lifestyle and represents their values: Honesty, positivity, natural attitude. Fashionable style, comfort and quality are inseparable conditions for products loved by the Esprit Eyewear consumer. Wants to look good.


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Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona was born from the mind of David Pellicer, a man who spent his childhood surrounded by glasses. David grew up playing in his parents’ factory while developing his knowledge and taste on the topic from an early age.


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Face à Face

Far from standardized fashion diktats and conformist trends, each collection asserts its artistic temperament, drawing its inspiration from the sources of Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design.

Face à Face frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures. The frames express themselves through a unique color range which is a true FACE A FACE trademark.

FACE A FACE eyewear will reveal your individual personality and underline the boldness, the  modernity, the seduction of an independent, creative object of design.

In 1995 FACE A FACE was created by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth as a French eyewear design company, based on modernity and creativity without compromise. FACE A FACE is fabulous and French, high end, rich in color and expression. He discovered the amazing connections between the work of an architect and humans as well as the technical and fashion components of creative eyewear.


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Set aside for years, the world was first introduced to this memory metal material in 1988 when Flexon eyewear harnessed the power of its unique properties. With the creation of remarkably resistant and flexible frames, an optical revolution that changed the face of eyewear forever was born.

Feather light, flexible, and titanium strong, Flexon fits, feels and forgives like no other conventional metal frame on the market. Never underestimate the power of flexibility.

Flexon frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or temples allowing them to be flexed, bent or twisted and return to their original shape.

Flexon is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals; allowing you to confidently embrace every challenge without disappointment. Flexon® requires a minimum amount of adjustment; the nose pads and end pieces can be fine-tuned for a more custom fit.

With years of design and construction experience, Flexon® has evolved into a collection with no limitations. Memory metal combined with rubber, TR90 and stainless steel create a varied collection filled with color, advanced durability, lightweight construction, and a comfortable fit.


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Famous for quality and style, Jaeger is one of the most recognisable fashion names on the High Street today. Fashion may come and go, but classic style lasts forever. This is the philosophy behind the Jaeger eyewear collection. The frames are the epitome of classic British style and most are made out of pure titanium, so they are hypoallergenic, lightweight and immensely strong. Our iconic collection includes ophthalmic frames and sunglasses. All Jaeger sunglasses are glazeable.


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The Jaguar Eyewear collection mirrors the unique elegance and drive of the JAGUAR sports car.  Design interpretations from car to eyewear such as carbon fibre details, wood grain and interior materials characterize the collection. Lens shapes that closely adhere to the design language of the car as well as color transfers further add to the Jaguar magic of these frames, making them truly desirable products for men. 


Jaguar website

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Land Rover

Land Rover Eyewear centres around style, innovation and quality. For those who live for the outdoors, Land Rover sunglasses offer maximum comfort with superior lenses, developed with 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection and 99.99% polarised efficiency. On fashion-mirror models, exclusive lens technology utilises the very latest advancements in saltwater-safe hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for optimum performance. Land Rover frames are suitable for all forms of polarised prescription lenses.

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Maui Jim is an American-based manufacturer of sunglasses based in Peoria, Illinois and marketed worldwide. A majority of their lines are marketed with an oceanic and Hawaiian theme-stemming from their foundation and location in Hawaii. In addition to their non-prescription sports and fashion sunglasses, Maui Jim currently produces prescription lenses for their designs, including progressive lenses. Maui Jim hosts its own prescription lab in Peoria, IL.

Maui Jim was originally launched on the hotel pool decks of Maui, Hawaii. The brand was introduced in the mainland states in 1988.

Maui Jim originally had its main distribution center in Lahaina, Hawaii, but moved to Peoria after buying RLI Vision in December 1996. Maui Jim maintains an office and store front in Lahaina that is open during week days to the public for repairs.

In 1999, Forbes Magazine listed Maui Jim in their '100 Things Worth Every Penny' article. In 2015 and 2016, Maui Jim was selected as the Best Sunglass Company in Vision Monday and 20/20 magazine's EyeVote Reader's Choice awards.

Maui Jim lenses block 100% of all harmful UV rays and 99.9% of glare. The lens technology uses seven treatments to offer maximum protection and clarity. The two most outermost layers are a waterproof and oleo phobic coating. The oleophobic coating repels grease, making the inside and outside of the lens water and oil proof. The lens also has anti reflective treatment, which prevents against bounce back glare, or UV light that is reflected off of the back of the lens. The next layers consist of a Clearshell scratch resistant treatment surrounding two layers color enhancing lens. The centermost layer is a polarizing film, which makes it possible to see below the surface of the water.

Maui Jim has three gradient coatings: The Bi-Gradient, the MauiGradient, and Blue Hawaii, The Bi-Gradient lens provides a dual gradient that protects the eyes from light coming from above, and light reflection from below. This technology "squints for you" because it eliminates glare surrounding all aspects of the eye. The MauiGradient lens appears darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. Blue Hawaii is the most recent addition to their mirror coatings. It features a blue flash mirror lens over a Neutral Grey lens base.

Maui Jim features four lens colors: Neutral Grey, Maui Rose, HCL Bronze, and Maui HT. The Neutral Grey is the darkest of the Maui Jim lenses. It is meant to be worn in bright, direct sunlight, and provides the most sun protection. The Maui Rose is the second darkest of the lenses. It is best for fast action sports, and can be worn in any sunlight from bright to overcast. Similar to the Maui Rose, the HCL Bronze can be worn in practically any form of sunlight. As the third darkest lens, the HCL Bronze is good for driving and enhances colors. The lightest of the lenses, the Maui HT, offers the greatest contrast for a brighter view. This green lens is best for golf and baseball, where it is essential that the color of the ball pop.

Maui Jim offers five different lens materials: MauiBrilliant, SuperThin Glass, MauiPure, Polycarbonate, and Maui Evolution. MauiBrilliant features optics nearly as clear as glass with just one-third of the weight. SuperThin Glass provides the best optics out of the five lenses. While it is the heaviest out of the five materials, the SuperThin Glass is 20% lighter than standard glass[citation needed]. The MauiPure is the most light weight out of the five. It combines the optics of the SuperThin Glass with the shatter and scratch resistance of the Polycarbonate lens. The Polycarbonate lens features the most shatter resistance, making it great for activities. The Maui Evolution lens features the shatter and scratch resistance of the MauiPure, but with better optic quality.

Maui Jim's target demographic for sunglasses markets to those who value a good quality of life and the utmost eye protection. Their classic styles and high-tech lens give their sunglasses a sort of "functional elegance" that makes them desirable and fashionable. In a highly competitive market with competitors like Oakley, Inc. and Ray-Ban, Maui Jim's mission to set itself apart is to educate consumers on the dangers of UV rays. Short term sun exposure can lead to sunburned eyes or snow-blindness. Maui Jim has tried to break the common link between sunglasses and summer since snow reflects almost 80% of UV rays. The UV intensity rises 3% for every 400 meter increase in altitude.


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International studies show that more than 10% of the adult population has a small pupil distance (PD). So far, the availability of suitable fitting frames for these individuals has been limited and that is why we introduce NIFTIES.

The new NIFTIES frames are exclusively designed to fit adults with fine facial features. The name NIFTIES means stylish and smart, something good and clever.

The NIFTIES collection has a modern international look in contemporary shapes and colours with designs in both masculine and feminine styles to make a complete collection suitable for anyone with small facial proportions.


Nifties website

Oakley are a premium American sports brand known for their sunglasses and eyewear.


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Polo Ralph Lauren


Inspired by a true appreciation for tradition and refined materials, this collection features an elegant stepcut, with nods to the iconic shapes and proportions Polo is known for.


This eyewear collection for both men and women combines cool, vintage-inspired shapes with an innovative material mix for a modern preppy look. The color palette offers both classic and colorful options.

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ProDesign Denmark

ProDesign Denmark was founded in 1973, by opticians and their more than 40 years of cooperation with the optical trade gives them in-depth knowledge of both the opticians’ profession and retail sector conditions. This enables them to build strong relations with their customers, based on ‘face-friendly’ eyewear, efficient logistics and reliable after-sales service.

Today their young, dynamic design team leads the process of creating quality optical frames and sunglasses, which are always true to their promise of great facial fit. They use their deep understanding of facial shapes to design great looking eyewear, and by using photos of real faces in the design process, they make sure the frames have a good optical fit. Their design and collections are inspired by key contemporary trends and made to be timeless and long lasting.

The collections from ProDesign Denmark are very versatile, making it easy to find a frame to fit your style perfectly.


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Puccini has been created with the more mature female wearer in mind. This timeless ladies collection features both traditional favourites and modern interpretations that combine style with comfort.

Highly suitable for progressive lenses, many of the frames also possess comfort features making the collection perfect for the classic lady

Ray-Ban were founded in 1937 to provide sunglasses for the US Air Force.

From James Dean to Audrey Hepburn to Michael Jackson, Ray-Ban has proven indispensible for cultural icons who don’t want to be seen - but definitely want to be noticed.


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Reykjavic Eyes

Minimalist in form and nature, Reykjavik Eyes are softly spoken and fluent in sophistication. Designed for the discerning customer whose interpretation of style goes beyond fashion.

  • A revolution in frame design
  • No screws. No hinges. No joints.
  • Engineered from a single sheet of titanium.
  • A unique combination of comfort, strength and style.
  • The result? One of the lightest and strongest frames ever made.


Frame Design

They believe revolutionary technology is only worthwhile if it benefits the wearer. And their technology is revolutionary:

Award-winning screwless design.

  • Flexible, ultra-light and extra-strong one-piece titanium frames.
  • Hypo-allergenic silicon-based nosepads and end tips.
  • All the weaknesses of traditional spectacles eliminated.
  • In other words: high tech and low maintenance.


But what does that mean for you?

  • Light: Reduced pressure on the nose. Increased comfort.
  • Strong: No joints, means no weak points. Absorb shocks easily.
  • Stylish: Cool, clean and unique. Contemporary scandinavian design.

With no screws or hinges Reykjavik Eyes is simply groundbreaking frame design.



As a practising optician, Icelandic designer Gunnar Gunnarson knows what glasses wearers need: comfort, strength and style.Qualities he combines with cutting edge innovation in the eyewear market.

The story behind the frame.

Gunnar grew up working in his parents’ opticians in Iceland. Spending his summer holidays replacing lost screws and working on broken glasses, he experienced firsthand the failings of so many spectacle frames. He was inspired to find a better solution. His ingenious idea? A completely screwless frame, that eliminates all the weak points of traditional glasses.

Gunnar spent over three years designing, testing and refining this award winning concept.

The result is Reykjavik Eyes: one of the lightest and strongest frames ever made.


Award-winning design

Upon its launch in 2009, Reykjavik Eyes was recognised as a true innovation in eyewear design, attracting prizes for its combination of technology, wearability and style.

The Red Dot Design Award

Reykjavik Eyes was awarded the Red Dot Design Award from the world’s largest and most distinguished product design competition. Established in 1955, and attracting entries from 49 nations, the Red Dot Design Award is regarded as an international seal of design quality.

The universal design award

The Reykjavik Eyes frame also won a universal design award, judged annually by a panel of expert architects and designers. The competition has a design philosophy that focuses on people, recognising Reykjavik Eyes as a cutting-edge product that’s all about the user.


Reykjavic Eyes website

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Taking cues from the iconic eras of film, architecture, music, and art, as well as from the people and places that make California such a unique destination, SALT. strives to create products that capture the casual elegance of California’s aspirational lifestyle.

Because high quality construction is not simply about beauty, it’s also about durability. It is eyewear that will stand up to the rigors of a life well lived. Which is all part of our commitment to creating products that are made to last.



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Silhouette is an Austrian brand of sunglasses and frames, founded in 1964. Its headquarters and main production site are located in Linz, Austria.

The founders positioned their first creations as fashion accessories — instead of technical visual aids — and soon gained ground in Western Europe. They chose a French name for their company as fashion then was still heavily dominated by French designers. The first product had a narrow square shape with dark frames, unusual for its time. In the early 1970s, the brand became popular due to actress Sylvia Kristel.

Although the main emphasis of Silhouette always laid on its own brand, in 1991 the company started an intense cooperation with German sportswear producer Adidas. Still today, the company is responsible for the design and production of all glasses for the Adidas Performance line, devoted to athletes. In 1994, the doll Barbie was seen wearing Silhouette sunglasses in the exhibit Art, Design and Barbie at the World Financial Center in New York City. In 1999, the Titan Minimal Art Series was introduced that led to a cooperation with NASA in the following years. Since 2007, there has been a cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. In 2011, the Crystal Collection was presented.

Since 2002, NASA has used the frame of the designer model Titan Minimal Art, combined with dark lenses developed jointly by the company and NASA'S optometrist Keith Manuel. The frame is very light at 1.8 grams and devoid of hinge screws, reducing the potential danger for astronauts. Because astronauts work in such sensitive environments, unreliable eyeglass components could lead to a catastrophe. Such hazards are particularly likely during Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA), when astronauts spacewalk with only the protection of their spacesuits. A loose screw or component during an EVA could lead to a variety of problems for the astronaut and their co-workers.

Around 1982, Queen Elizabeth II for the first time chose a pair of Silhouette glasses. Since 1998, she has famously worn Model 1899. This model is mostly handcrafted and consists of a special Polymer combination. The Queen also owns two other Silhouette models but wears them infrequently.

Among other celebrities seen with Silhouette glasses were Bing Crosby, Elton John, Carla Bruni, Markus Schenkenberg, Helena Christensen, Nadja Auermann and Lady Gaga. Model Titan Minimal Art 8568 with green polarizer is worn by Lieutenant Horatio Caine in the series CSI: Miami, played by David Caruso. The glasses somehow became a trademark of his character. Since 2013, actors Patrick Dempsey and Cate Blanchett are employed for Silhouette advertising.


Silhouette website

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Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Typical optical hinges have ‘dead points’, meaning they are either open, or shut, and nothing in-between. They do not naturally have ‘give’. This limits comfort and increases fragility. In solving this issue, our design brings even more benefits. Our hinges gently flex to fit any head size, they lightly grip the face which means no more frames slipping down the face. They are durable as each part works together seamlessly, sharing each other’s load. There are no screws used in the working mechanism, so nothing to loosen, and due to the dual spring and cable the temples shut automatically when removed from the face.


Spine website

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Acclaimed designer Philippe Starck teamed up with his good friend, eyewear designer and fellow innovator Alain Mikli in 1996 to launch a new eyewear brand under the name of Starck Eyes. The frames of the Starck eyeglasses collection are innovative, revolutionary and totally unconventional, for men and women who are confident, intellectual and want their eyewear to reflect the same. Sporting a pair of Starck PL1014M eyeglasses says a lot about its wearer and how he’s a fan of modern design and appreciates technology and how it can improve day-to-day life.

Starck frames can bend and flex easier than most of standard designer frames. The spectacles are inspired by what Philippe Starck defines as bionism, which means “taking inspiration from what is organic in order to create technologies better suited to the human being”. The Stack Biocity glasses feature a screw-less biolink hinge: a Starck patent inspired by the joints of the human body and their multi-dimensional freedom. These hinges on the arms have been designed in a specific way so that the glasses can mimic the human body. In and out, up or down, the arms of the Starck frames are super flexible, practically allowing the frames to mould to the wearer’s face and the medical stainless steel guarantees exceptional comfort and longevity to the products.

The no-logo design of the frames adds to the exclusivity of the frames and gives a strongly masculine character to the glasses as it emphasizes function and innovation instead of showing off brand logos. The materials used to craft the eyewear have a smooth surface finish which complements the overall look of these flattering full rim glasses. If you are someone who loves ethical goods that also look good as well as function well, then you will fall in love with this brand and their eyewear. All the frames are made from cellulose-acetate, which is a premium plastic derived from processed wood pulp. Its great properties such as high transparency, stranght and deep gloss finish makes it a perfect material for eyewear.

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Stepper creativity

“With STEPPER form follows function, but only if that form is elegant, classical or beautiful.”Saskia Stepper, Daughter of Founder Hans Stepper

Technological excellence and manufacturing ingenuity combined with true creative flair for eyewear allows STEPPER frames to be produced in the best materials, with unbeatable styling and almost infinite patterning and colouration.


Design, Innovation and Technology

With the company’s roots in dispensing there continues to be a preoccupation with comfort and fit. All Stepper designs start from the bridge. The company has available bridge and face shape data it has collected from different ethnicities all over the globe. From this ‘bridge out’ design principle, Stepper creates spectacles with the primary objective of their frames being best for purpose – that of correcting vision. “The main and principle purpose for eyewear is to hold two prescription lenses correctly before the eyes,” comments Hans. “As long as we want to be professionals, we must not indulge in excessive design and fashion aspects ahead of this principle.”

It is this ‘design follows function’ approach to eyewear that is apparent as ever. Never wanting to be a leader of fashion, Stepper prefers the role of innovator in materials and manufacture. If Stepper can also create the most attractive frame in the process, then the manufacturer, optician and wearer are happy.

So why does Stepper continue with injection moulding over conventional acetate frames? The company recognises two key characteristics that are key to making well fitting, comfortable frames. These are;

  • 3D design and manufacture. Three dimensional (3D) design allows a frame to be designed around the contours of a face and for the plastic frame to be manufactured in its final form rather than go through a shaping process
  • The plastic holds its manufactured form. The plastic enters the mould in liquid form and sets in the fraction of a second. Once the plastic is set it leaves the mould in its final shape. This is the shape it ‘remembers’ and the frame doesn’t alter. The easiest way to understand the advantage of this process is to compare it to acetate. Acetate comes in flat sheets from the source manufacturer. The frame shape is cut from this sheet. Once the shape is cut the three dimensional aspects of the frame are created by applying pressure to create a shape to fit the face. One problem Hans saw with this process is that, over time, the acetate slowly returns to its original shape with frames needing regular adjustment to ensure best fit.

In addition, casting at a high temperature results in a 100% replication of the master, creating a perfect replica of the original design. Not only do the frames come out from the mould with the lens groove, but the hinges can be inserted and joining elements for lug connections are provided creating extra strength in the frame construction.

Stepper has built up an enormous expertise and technical knowledge in this process. Today the company uses TX5, a state-of-the-art Polyamide. It has many advantages over the other plastic materials being 25% lighter, stronger (to allow much thinner frames), harder (for greater scratch resistance), high transparency (for clear detailing), endless colouring possibilities and hypoallergenic properties.

TX5 is the plastic of choice for all contemporary Stepper frames. More recently, working within Arts has allowed the design and manufacturing with this material to move forward enormously. Thinner, more delicate designs are now possible as the product development team push what can be achieved with this remarkable Polyamide.

Under Arts ownership, the brand has had access to one of the most advanced Titanium spectacle design, technology and manufacturing facilities available. This material is the perfect fit for Stepper products. Its lightness, strength, rigidity, durability, plasticity (in Beta form) and hypoallergenic characteristics make it a great metal alternative to the TX5 material. The metal collections in recent years have flourished, with Stepper no longer being only associated with plastic. Combining Titanium with TX5 has resulted in some of Stepper’s most successful frames, all retaining the ‘comfort and fit’ philosophy.

Comfort and fit are not confined only to the nose area, there are various elements that make a good fitting and comfortable frame:

  • The overall frame curve
  • The temple opening angle at the lug
  • The temple curve
  • Pantoscopic angle
  • Temple tip bending angle and inside-outside curve
  • Strength and flexibility of the frame material

Persistence in the brand’s fundamental design principles means Stepper has developed an almost unique reputation for quality, well-fitting frames. It may produce very classically styled frames but at its core are innovation and technology. As a brand, Stepper will continue creating frames for professional opticians and this focus will never change. Forty-five years since it first began making frames, Stepper certainly has a comfortable future.


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William Morris

In 1996, Robert Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand. The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.

Coupled with the love and pride that goes into creating the frames is the same level of hard work, dedication and personal service that each member of the William Morris London team strive to give their customers on a daily basis.

From humble beginnings to what is today a successful global brand, William Morris London employ staff, agents and distributors all over the world.

As the market has grown, so have the collections, the designs, the point of sale and everything else that goes into making a brand that is embraced so fondly by everyone.

It’s important to know that the philosophy and brand attributes of William Morris London remain as strong as they were all those years ago. In a corporate saturated world it’s the ‘family’ values that set them apart and what their customers appreciate.

A family that has the founder and managing director still very much at the helm. A family that listens, provides knowledge, adapts to needs and sets standards. All delivered with love and passion that’s simply unrivalled by anyone.


William Morris website

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WOLFeyewear is a family run, independent company that was created by Ian and Margaret Wolfenden in 2009. We supply exclusively to independent opticians and have been growing ever since we launched, even through the recession. Ian and Margaret have 50 years optical experience between them, and with a passion for frame design and quality they decided they would like to start their own collection.

Tom Wolfenden joined the company in 2012, with a strong background in optics as well, he has helped Ian and Margaret push WOLFeyewear forward. We have a great service driven team at our head office and a very well respected sales team on the road. We pride ourselves on being a great company to work with, we have fun with our staff, agents, suppliers and customers. As I’m sure those of you who know Ian Wolfenden (Wolfie) will agree with and believe” life is too short to be too serious”.

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WOOW was created as a collection under FACE A FACE, and has now grown into a strong individual brand for the young and bold.

Between traditional style and casual fashion, chick and off-beat with a trendy London feel, the WOOW style will speak to all with a sense of humor. The little message inserted in the end tip of the frame will make you smile first thing in the morning.

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