February 31 does not exist in the calendar. FEB31st is an Italian company born from the intuition and tenacity of three entrepreneurs and spread throughout the world.

They wanted a light and solid manufacturing, open to the new, flexible to change. Quick and artisanal. Respectful of nature, the people who work there, their skills and economic processes. Able to give its customer freedom of choice and real customization of the manufactured object. It looked like a company from February 31st. That is: it cannot be.

Instead it is. For this it is called FEB31st.


There is an earthly and divine satisfaction and beauty in "doing". FEB31st makes its glasses entirely in Italy. They think them, design them, create them by combining high engineering, mechanics and skilful manual skills. Thus it is possible that each FEB31st is unique.


For a company to be economically sound and ethically founded, it is necessary that it knows the reality in which it lives and acts and respects it. FEB31st is truly eco-friendly since it has identified a waste and cut it down: it has no warehouse. It produces, very quickly, only on order.



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